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"Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still."

~ Henry David Thoreau


Our Mantra: Define What Matters

Defining What Matters is at the core of DivingDog. It is what we’re all about. It is why we exist in the first place. We were founded on the very principle. We’re not speaking philosophically, we’re speaking from history.

It is something that carries over into the daily office culture; not only seeking to define that work/life balance but to ultimately help our clients define what matters to them. You’ve created a business and now you need to let the world know about it. Beyond the obvious reasons of making/raising money or telling people about your product, there are fundamental reasons why your business or organization exists. It is our job to hone in on those reason(s) and tell a story around it. Authenticity matters more than ever and if you can’t convey that, you will miss out on potential customers or donors.

We believe in the buddy system
Just like in diving, you want a solid partner when exploring the marketing world. By learning and understanding your company or organization’s needs and processes, DivingDog can arm you with all of the tools you need to navigate this ever-changing terrain. We strive to really listen and learn all that we can about our clients and their business. Think of us as part of your internal team of strategists, designers and developers. We’re here to ensure that you breathe easier in all facets of branding and marketing.

You can teach an old dog new tricks
We’ve been in the business for 18 years. While we got our start making killer websites, we've expanded and evolved into a mean and lean marketing machine. By pooling the talents of our seasoned professionals, we offer the whole branding and marketing suite. We specialize in customization, always researching new ideas and approaches, to create your unique brand or pawprint.

Every walk should be exciting and engaging
We’ve taken note from our canine friends and are genuinely excited about every new adventure we take with each client. Whether we are developing a website for you, creating a commercial, or designing a logo, we take a wholehearted approach and do our best to go the extra mile to target your defined audiences. Afterall, if they're not excited and engaged by the journey you're taking them on, they'll be taking a different path.

Giving Back


In 2014, we donated over $6,000 in services to the following deserving organizations:

Here at DivingDog we are fortunate to be able to give back to those organizations that make life better; whether it be by placing furry friends in loving homes, enhancing kids’ education through art, elevating our appreciation of music and film, or improving the environment and waterways around us.

Learn more about these wonderful organizations:

Baywater Animal Rescue
Chesapeake Chamber Music
Chesapeake Film Festival
Cover Your Chin for Charity
Eastern Shore Land Conserancy
Eventful Giving
Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy
Talbot County Public Schools

"When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

- Maya Angelou